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Here’s Your Study Abroad Checklist

 Getting selected in one’s favorite foreign university is definitely a dream come true. But that’s not it. This is where the journey begins. Now, you are on your path to becoming an international student and that is not an easy process. But we are here to make the process easier for you. Here is a checklist curated especially for you by overseas education consultants for AustraliaWe understand that moving to a foreign country as an international student is a daunting task but with this checklist, you will be able to plan everything effortlessly.

Procure a Student Visa 

To study as an international student, you will be required to obtain a student visa or a study permit for the respective country you are moving to. At times, some universities and institutes help with the visa procedure but if yours is of no help, you can consult with overseas education consultants for Australia or the country you are settling in. Overseas education consultants can assist you in the rightful avail of your study visa easily.

Language Tests & Results 

Almost every country has a language requirement that candidates need to comply with. English is a widely accepted language that is deemed mandatory in most countries. Appear for respective language tests and keep your results ready for verification. However, if you are moving to a country where there is another vernacular, you should get accustomed to some lessons to interact with local people. It will help you immerse better in their culture.

Validity of Your Passport 

The validity of your passport is of high importance when you plan to move out of your country as an international student. Make sure if your passport stays valid for the complete duration of your course, and if not, how can you get it renewed. The overseas education consultants for Canada recommend you to get your visa renewed before it expires as it can cause inconvenience for you.

Managing Your Finances 

It is important for you to access your money wisely while you stay away from home. Planning and sticking to a strict budget will take you a long way. While it can be the hardest thing for you to do, it will keep you from becoming penniless by the time you have reached the end of your term.

This checklist is what you need to pay close attention to when you begin planning for your time abroad. In addition to the ones mentioned above, you can also invest in travel and health insurance. A little sum of money will go a long way for you with these insurances.

StudyBerg offers premium consultancy services when it comes to overseas education. Connect with our overseas education consultants for Canada to get guidance for your student visa.

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