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Essential guidelines for the preparation of your IELTS examination test

IELTS stands for the international English language testing system. The conduction of exams started in the year 1980.

It is the major English language test in the world for non-native English language speakers who are looking forward to studying, find jobs in a professional organization or immigration in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Ireland, Europe. Or for life skill to prove the speaking, listening, or writing proficiency in English. It is the most accurate and reliable test for checking English proficiency and skills. IELTS is the only secure way to get approved for a UK visa or immigration. Every year millions of people all around the world take up this exam.

Studying abroad can gain international experience and can brighten your future. IELTS is jointly owned and managed by the British Council, IDP/ IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English.

What is the procedure of IELTS Exams?

IELTS has two modules, Academic Module, and General training Module, Academic Module is for students who have the urge to enroll in universities for their undergraduate or higher studies. The general training module is intended for people looking for a job in organizations or for immigration to foreign countries. It tests the ability of a candidate in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

 The time duration for the exam is 2hours 45minutes.

The Course Structure Includes:

Listening – (30+10 minutes)this module involves questions that are based on listening to the records on certain topics for 30 minutes and to jolt down your answers for the next 10 minutes; the questions will be in the same order of the recording.

Reading – (60minutes) this module consists of a variety of question types with the text count around 2100 to 2800.

Writing – (60minutes)The writing module consists of two tasks, in this, a candidate asked to name graphs or charts in their own words or discuss a problem and present a solution in the case of academics. In the case of general training, they might be asked to write a letter to an imaginary employer or write an essay on a topic.

Speaking – (11–14 minutes)in this module the candidate will have a face to face interview with the examiner which contains with the introduction of the candidate and about their family, studies, interests, etc and they also will be given task cards which contains a particular topic on which the applicants are asked to speak and will also have a brief discussion based on the topic with the examiner. The speaking test can be taken before the week or after the other tests.

The candidates should take precautions while answering questions in listening, reading, and writing skills because there may be great chances of losing marks for incorrect spelling and grammar.

What is the pass mark for the IELTS exam? What is the Eligibility criteria?

IELTS is scored based on a nine-band scale. There is no pass or fail in this exam as each band is commensurated with a certain competence in English. A band score is given to each section of the test based on 1 to 9(1 being the lowest and. A 0 is rewarded to those candidates who did not attend the exam. Most universities and organizations expect it to be around  6-7. The candidates at least need a 5.5 to acquire the visa.

Applicants’ minimum age should be 16 and a valid passport is a must. IELTS score or certificate is valued for two years only for further a company or university is asked to refer the candidate’s English proficiency and skills.

Is IELTS hard to pass?

The international English language testing system is neither easy to pass nor difficult to crack.it depends on your ability and hard work, you need to have a clear idea of the score you require to achieve for entry in any country university, or organization. Like any other exam, IELTS requires thorough preparations like regularly reading, writing, improving your vocabulary and grammar, listening to English contents, improving your speaking skills by the constant use of language helps. The best time to take up the exam is when you are sure of your English proficiency and skills. Most of the candidates find the listening section too difficult as it is hard to process all the information and put it all down at once. It is not unmanageable With hard work and dedication, achieving your desired score is completely possible.

How to score high in IELTS

There are some essentials to be adopted if you wanna score a high band in IELTS

  • Start your preparation early
  • Try to communicate in English as much as possible
  • Master your vocabulary and improvement of grammar is very essential as it plays a major role in all the modules of the test.
  • Learning to paraphrase and to avoid making errors.
  • Practice your English  skills, by  listening to music, speeches, podcasts, radios, tv and other means
  • Speak in English whenever possible without hesitation or shyness. practice speaking with others in general or any topics will help your language a lot.
  • practice writing every day it will help you to increase your speed of writing and to understand grammar, punctuation synonyms, and more.
  • there is no scare for reading materials or resources .so read as many books as possible, magazines, newspapers based on different subjects like science, literature, finance, culture etc.it helps you discover new words, and understand technical terms, and know the culture and heritage of different countries.
  • Join best IELTS coaching when you have a solid foundation so you will be guided in the right direction to crack your exam.
  • Take the test when your confidence enough but don’t stop

What are the changes in Ielts in 2020?

 Cambridge announced that there will be three changes in the year 2020’s IELTS starting from January 4th, in the listening module.

  • The listening section will now be called as parts instead of sections. Though all the questions, audios, and dialogues would be the same as before.
  • There will no longer be page numbers tape-scripts , this is not major or anything that should matter a lot because there will be presided question numbers mentioned.
  • The third change might affect the candidates a bit before 2020 there was a set of questions done for you as sample answers but that is being removednowbecause of this There will no longer be an example played at the start of Part One.it will make a difference to your test experienceand it is also quite a significant change.

What is the eligibility criteria of Canada, Australia, and UK universities?

The immigration process in Canada is highly organized and systematic. The IELTS for Canada is the most important part of Canada Visa along with many other factors. The applicants must show their language efficiency to prove you can communicate properly in your day to day life in Canada. You must score at least 6 bands in IELTS to be eligible for Canada coveted PR Visa but expected more for PR Visa. After attainment of coveted PR or Permanent Resident Visa, within three years, you are eligible for full-fledged citizenship of the country.

Australia supports High-quality education it is quite attractive for those looking for an education destination, the cost of pursuing education or living is less compared to the USA or UK. It attracts a lot of international students and immigrants looking for its high living standard with relatively lower expenses. These factors make study in Australia one of the top choices for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. At least band of 7 for each of the 4 test components​ is to be achieved in IELTS

United Kingdom to study in the UK you will need a Tier 4 Visa which can only be obtained if you meet the English proficiency standard set by your institution, training, or immigration, which will be 7.0 band

One of the common myths is to not take coaching, even though you are good on your own. The best way to prepare for the IELTS exam is to take up best IELTS coaching in Delhi that will help you by proper guidance, tips, practice tests, practical information, and more. The capital however provides many good IELTS coaching centers. Delhi is one of the best and comfortable place opted by students.

Why Studyberg? How Studyberg can help in clearing IELTS exams?

Studyberg is an amazing study abroad consultation based in Delhi. It is the best place for anyone looking forward to IELTS coaching. It is the pioneer in helping students to find the right universities and courses and to complete the procedure of university admission and to get the study visas they help you to get study visas to countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and more and it also provides IELTS coaching and their certified IELTS expert trainer will help you in clearning exam and they also provide you study materials and guidelines. Book exams like IELTS and PTE on behalf of you. Hence Studyberg is an amazing consultant where all your questions will be answered, where you can find professional guidance to crack your  IELTS exam and to find university and courses of your desire abroad and visas.

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