Best Ways to Choose A Credible Study Abroad Consultant in Delhi

Best Ways to Choose A Credible Study Abroad Consultant in Delhi

Every year millions of students from India aspire to go abroad for higher studies. Studying abroad provides great exposure and opportunity to compete with students around the world. The foreign universities are equipped with great infrastructure, faculties and curriculum. Securing admission in a good foreign university is not an easy task. One needs to do a lot of research and consider dozens of factors to analyse every university. This is where overseas education consultants or study abroad consultants help you. In this article, we will provide you with the best ways and tips to choose a credible study abroad consultant in Delhi.

An overseas education consultant acts as the bridge between you and the university you want to get the admission in. They will have all the information about the educational and career opportunities that you are eligible for. You can take an informed decision with the help of consultants. Here’s how study abroad consultants in Delhi help you.

● Overseas education consultants inform you about the scholarships and other financial aid you are eligible for.
● They will explain to you the cultural differences you may have to face in a foreign country.
● A credible study abroad consultant can also arrange direct interviews with the representatives of the universities. They will guide you in the university selection process.
● Consultants could also help you in emergency situations like health issues, flight cancellations, what to do if you are lagging behind in the course, visa renewal process etc.
● A consultant would tell you about the part-time work opportunities in both on and off-campus.

Tips to Choose A Trustworthy Study Abroad Consultant in Delhi


It is important to do your research deciding upon the overseas education consultants. Ask your friends and family members about the education consultants who have helped them in the whole process. There are many studies abroad forums on the internet where you share your doubts. Take the opinions of friends/family members who have secured admission to a foreign university.

Jot down your queries

Before you meet study abroad consultants in Delhi, we recommend you prepare a list of questions. You need to inquire a few things to understand the whole procedure. Asking questions is the best way to find out a trustworthy overseas consultant in Delhi. You can inquire about things like what are the best universities providing the course you are interested in. What’s the basic eligibility to get admission in so and so university. What’s the way of applying it? You can ask the consultant about the chances of getting accepted at a particular university. Also, you can inquire about the backup plans you may need in case if you got rejected. You can ask all your questions or doubts. You can also inquire about the possibility of getting a part-time job while studying at the university. StudyBerg, an educational study abroad consultancy in Delhi is offering a free appointment to talk with experts.

Background Check

We should not blindly believe what the educational consultant firm is claiming about their services. Not all the education consultants in Delhi offer quality services. We need to do a background check to verify if their claims are true. You can talk with their team that may comprise of job consultants, education consultants, visa consultants etc to make sure that it is a genuine consultancy. You can ask them about their experience and past work. Opt the consulting agency only if you have got trust in them. Or else check out some other consultancy.

Process Duration

Time is another crucial factor. We approach study abroad consultants mainly to pace up the whole process. Choose at least 2 or 3 best study abroad consultants in Delhi and inquire about how many weeks they may take to get the process done. Inquire about the time they may take to get your application through.

Consultation Fees

A credible study abroad consultant must charge a reasonable fee. You have to enquire the consultation fees from the consultancies you have narrowed down. Also check if the consultants are providing guidance regarding the accommodation and part-time jobs. Educational consulting agencies like StudyBerg offer guidance regarding the whole process – admission, part-time job, interview rounds, financial aids etc.

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